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2015 Canfield Brothers Riot

2015 Canfield Brothers Riot 29er FS

Happy New Year everyone! We are super excited about 2015 as we have a few projects that will be coming into fruition in the upcoming months. As a preview into what we have been working on, we silently leaked few shots of Chris riding the Riot prototype in an [...]

We Would Like To Welcome BC’s Steve Wong To The Team

Steve Wong

Born and raised in East Vancouver, I now reside close to the trails in North Vancouver.

I started riding mountain bikes at 14 years old, (I am now 32), on a hand me down steel, fully rigid bike. I joined a mountain bike club in high school and my very first [...]

Canfield Brothers Nimble 9, WTB Trail Blazer 2.8/27.5 Wheels

With the addition of the 27.5 2.8” tires on the N9, you come out to about 12 mm shorter wheel height compared to a 29er, but what you do gain is a noticeable amount of wheel cushion from the taller side ways. For any hardtail rider on the fence or wanting a more compliant [...]

Vital MTB’s Bike Of The Day

Ever wonder how our customer’s bikes get featured on Vital MTB’s Bike Of The Day? Simply add your bike to vital’s member bike check and cross your fingers! Upload your bike check

Some of our customers get really competitive with catching Vital’s attention and spend some time on their images, such as Black [...]

Team Rider Justin Brigandi’s Balance Review

So let’s get a few things off the table, I do ride for canfield, and I was fully informed about how great this bike was. That said, of course I was skeptical, I love the bros and all of the bikes they make, but it would not be the first time a bike [...]

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