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Vital MTB’s Bike Of The Day

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Some of our customers get really competitive with catching Vital’s attention and spend some time on their images, such as Black [...]

Team Rider Justin Brigandi’s Balance Review

So let’s get a few things off the table, I do ride for canfield, and I was fully informed about how great this bike was. That said, of course I was skeptical, I love the bros and all of the bikes they make, but it would not be the first time a bike [...]

Canfield Brothers Balance – In Stock!

Canfield Brothers Balance

The original Balance, released in 2006, was known as one of the first true mini DH bikes. While our 2nd generation Balance is aimed more for all mountain use, it still retains our original Balance’s aggressive heritage. The goal with the new version was to produce one of the most efficient [...]

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*Contest ends September 3rd, 2014

What started off as a project bike for Chris Canfield, the DJ has turned into a production dirt jumper for our line. Chris wanted a super nimble, easy to [...]

Cranknuts – Our New UK Distributor

We are pleased to announce that Cranknuts Ltd is now representing Canfield Brothers as our authorized distributor for sales and service in the UK through www.cranknuts.com.

Cranknuts is the distribution and on-line partner company of Overspoke Bikes, based in Worcestershire, England. Cranknuts is a specialist company dedicated to finding the best [...]