2012 Canfield One with an Elka

2012 Canfield Brothers The One


Here’s a photo gallery of Sean’s new The One that we shot last week. We wanted to show off the frame with a few of the rear shock options we will be offering and we are all so stoked with the updates for this year!!!  Steepening the headangle a tad will certainly give The One more versatility to set it up as DH bike OR a beefy All Mountain machine.  My little beast is still on the boat, however my parts are all ready to go.  I’m building mine up as an All Mountain ripper, hoping to get it right around the 30lb mark.  A few of the goodies I will slapping on My The One will be a Marz 55 Evo Ti, RF Next Carbon cranks, Thomson goodies, Minion Exo’s (tubeless, OF COURSE), and mainly XO components.



2012 Canfield One with a Vivid Air2012 Canfield One with a Roco2012 Canfield One with an X Fusion Air





2012 Canfield Brothers The One link details2012 Canfield Brothers The One Rear Shock2012 Canfield Brothers The One rocking a Vivid AirSeans 2012 Canfield brothers The One frame weight

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  1. I tell you what guys, this is the most awesome bike I have ever ridden bar none. It definitely is a do it all bike, freeride XC, you name it. I even whip the candy a_s spandex guys up the hill and then dominate bombing down the hill on this thing it is unbelievable how it sticks to the ground. Some guy said he could not manual with it but I do just fine it is just an fun bike to ride. All I can say is you got me as a Customer now all I have to do is dial it in.

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