2012 Nimble 9’s are looking fine……..


2012 Nimble 9 frames are looking great !  Order yours today.  Limited production-






2 Responses to "2012 Nimble 9’s are looking fine…….."
    • saw your nimble 9 for the first time this weekend in a dirt rag mag. when i was reading the article i thought it said the bike was 650.00, then i got on your site and it looks like that is just the frame. if this is true,what kind of deal could you do on a whole bike. mid range in the price range for the rest of bike.would like a fork that locks out.

      i already have a 29er that i made into a cruiser and love it but its not for trails it is a single speed that i put on the biggest bmx handle bars and a fat seat and love it, but would like a 29er for trails. rite now i have a gary f.tass, a kona stinky,my 29er and would like to get something going with your n.9 thanks


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