2015 Yelli Screamy


Canfield Brothers 2015 Yelli Screamy 2 2-8
Ever since the Bros. swung a leg over a big-wheeled bike, Chris and Lance knew there was a better way to go about it. Twenty-nine-inch wheels had advantages, but something was missing. Fast? Yes. Fun? Absolutely not. The Yelli Screamy changed all that in 2011 when it hit the trails with Canfield Brothers’ signature aggressive all-mountain geometry. The first production 29er with sub-17-inch chainstays and a relaxed 67-degree head-tube angle, the original Yelli begged to be ridden hard and changed the industry’s idea of what wagon wheels were capable of, inspiring countless imitations. The new generation Yelli Screamy adds stealth dropper routing, a 142×12 through-axle, ISCG compatibility and clearance for any drivetrain option, including 1x setups and the new Canfield C2 Narrow-Wide chainring.

Canfield Brothers 2015 Yelli Screamy 2 2-7

Canfield Brothers 2015 Yelli Screamy 2 2-4

Canfield Brothers 2015 Yelli Screamy 2 2-6

● 6061 aluminum
● 67 degree head angle (140mm fork)
● 16.7 chainstays
● 142×12 dropouts
● Improved clearances for easy set up of all chainring options
● Removable front derailleur mount
● ISCG tabs
● 27.5+ compatible
● Low toptube for maximum stand over height
● Available in Ano Black, Ano Blue, Ano Red, Ano PNW Green, Ano Orange and in limited quantities, LE Fire and Sparkle Blue
● $650 USD Retail

Canfield Brothers 2015 Yelli Screamy 2 2-5

Canfield Brothers 2015 Yelli Screamy 2 2-6

Frames are currently in transit and will start shipping the 2nd week of July. For more information, please see our website.

6 Responses to "2015 Yelli Screamy"
    • Jon – All of our current 29ers will fit a 27.5+ wheel with up to a 2.8 tire, (our tests were performed with a WTB Scraper 45mm rim and 2.8 Trailblazers.) Keep in mind as they were designed for 29’s, running a 27.5 set up will drop the BB about 1/2″.

  1. Was the geometry updated too? The Yelli had a reach about 2″ shorter than the same size EPO (according to your website) wondering if that changed. I prefer the longer reach of the EPO, but like the price of the Yelli… 🙂

    • Don – We listed the 2015 Yelli to show geo with a 140mm fork to given an even comparison across our line. If you were to bump down to a 120mm fork on the YS, this would effectively lengthen the reach from 14.9″ to 16″ on a medium. Hope that helps!

  2. Does the Yelli Screamy come with the axle? And when will pictures of the new colrs be up? Thank you 🙂

    • Bryant – The New Yelli comes with our 142×12 axle. We’ll have all the colors up on the webstore as soon as they arrive, which should be in about 2 weeks. We have produced all the of the ano colors in the previous generation Yelli and you can find examples of the Sparkle BLue and LE Fire in our Nimble 9 in the meantime. Cheers!

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