Our new 7005 Aluminum 29er is coming!  The 2011 Yelli Screamy will be here on the 7th.  Pre-orders will be accepted on the new webstore that is going live soon.

Just wait ’til you ride a 29er that feels like a nimble little 26″


4 Responses to "Any one up for YELLING AND SCREAMING?"
  1. Hi!

    The Nimble 9 was over? I was trying to handle my actual rides to buy one… Anyway, the Yelli Screamy looks just so fun. I know I already ask it but how much cost it to ship to Brazil? By the way, your web store is a little confusing… I still can’t find your pedals there nor even found the Nimble 9 when I first looked some time ago.

    My best wishes,

    Fabio – Brazil

  2. Forgive my ignorance, but does the 135 x 10 dropout mean that a “normal” 9mm QR hub will not work?

    Also, do you foresee any problems with reducing the 73mm BB to 68mm for a singlespeed conversion with the Forward Components EBB?

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