Blister Gear Review – 29ers


Blister gear review weighs in on the 29er debate and uses the Yelli Screamy and Nimble 9 from the Canfield Brothers as an example of how the industry is starting to push 29er geometry.

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  1. I rode the ONE and it was the best ride of my life so far!!! I pushed it to my limits on the Keysville downhill course and it passed them all!!! I wished i dropped into the 5 ft drop but the rain made me hesitate on my only run,my bad. The owners are super-cool and friendly, ask them to demo a bike and see! 2-3 months for the next Keysville run, and again i will be there. I will bring wood and beer so i may return the favor to my new friends. Northern Cal for a Summer trip anybody??? Humboldt County is the destination and I haven’t been there in , Damn, almost a decade! Great trails, good air, and some fine country to ride! Have a Steelhead and enjoy the life. Any takers??? See you in February Mr. Canfield!

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