Crampon Pedal Series

The ‘Bros knew exactly what they wanted in a flat pedal, and the Crampon series is engineered for maximum grip, minimal weight, ultimate efficiency and the most impact clearance on the market. Evolved through more than seven years of development and testing, the Crampon earned its stripes on the World Cup circuit, but the combination of traction, lightweight and efficiency makes it the perfect pedal whether you’re earning your turns on an all-day epic or throwing down on the slopestyle course. The secret lies in the patented (Patent #D615,003 S), unique convex shape that contours naturally to the foot, aiding in grip and placing your foot as close to the spindle as possible for maximum pedal stroke efficiency, eliminating “dead spots.” The ultra-thin profile greatly reduces pedal strikes, and the virtually non-existent 6-millimeter leading edge means that if you do bash a pedal, you won’t get hung-up. Dual-sided allen design makes replacing broken pins a cinch. The ultimate ultra-thin flat pedal, Crampons are available in Magnesium, Ultimate and Classic from the Canfield Brothers Webstore.

Crampon Magnesium:

  • 280 grams
  • Thin 6mm front impact edges
  • 105mm x 105mm wide magnesium platforms
  • Painted finish
  • DU bushings
  • Chromoly axle
  • Replaceable dual sided pins, (allen key on both sides)
  • Patented convex shape
Crampon Ultimate:

  • 342 grams
  • Thin 6mm front impact edges
  • 105mm x 105mm wide aluminum platforms
  • Polished, anodized finish
  • DU bushings
  • Chromoly axle
  • Replaceable dual sided pins, (allen key on both sides)
  • Patented convex shape

Crampon Pedal Series Owners Manual coming soon.

Crampon Ultimate Service Guide

Crampon Ultimate Bushing Replacement Guide
Coming Soon!

“Simply saying that these pedals are thin doesn’t do them justice – you need to feel how thin they are to believe it. Traction pins with allen heads on both sides mean that just because you damage a pin, you can still easily unthread it from the pedal body from the opposite side. Each pedal is clearly marked with an “L” or “R” on the body, which makes installation incredibly easy, unless you don’t know right from left.

Canfield Brothers says that having a super-thin, 6mm thick leading edge leads to less pedal strikes and more efficient pedaling – and I have to agree with that statement. Riding with such a thin pedal makes pedaling up your favorite trail less of a chore because you can concentrate a bit more on spinning rather than just mashing climbs like the hulk. Experiencing a leading edge strike with these pedals is going to take some serious skill – if you ride with a soft rubber shoe, like Five Tens, your shoe will probably hit the ground before any metal ever does – they are that thin. Chamfered outside edges also give a bit of added insurance that your pedal won’t hang up if you clip it on an obstacle as well as give the pedals a sleeker, smoother, more thought out appearance. The generous platform size is massive for a pedal so light and is large enough to give riders with bigger feet plenty of real estate for a comfortable ride.”

Vital MTB Review – August 2013

“I’ve never been super impressed with pedals before (except for the machining details and such), but the Canfield pedals are completely different. The slight convex shape, size and the low profile all have a part in why I like these so much.

Convex – puts the foot in a more natural position which in turn allows less tension on the ankle/calf muscles. Went on a grinder today and never felt less leg soreness after a ride. The shape also allows more efficient use of the pedaling motion and really lets me power through the “dead spots” at the top and bottom of the pedaling arc. Awesome.

Size – perfect in length and width. No wasted material sticking out on either end just waiting to snag a rock, root, or log.

Profile – effectively lower the bb height while reducing strikes. In my case it eliminated the strikes, at least for today. There is a spider web of roots in a couple of places on the ride today where I normally have to be aware of timing the pedal strokes to avoid getting jacked. Didn’t even worry about it with these pedals and didn’t hit a damn thing. Perfect. Even a couple of mm either way makes a difference.”

David Younger – Corvallis, Oregon

“Just got back from my 1st ride on my new crampon ultimates. Sick grip. Definitely noticed a reduced dead spot over my old neutrons. Also noticed the lower bottom bracket feeling of having more grip/control/leverage when leaned over in tight corners. Very impressed.”

Panaphonic – Pinkbike Member

“When I tried the Ultimates I was blown away with the feel. They hold the foot nicely and there are no uncomfortable bulges. The thickness of the pedal also lends a nice feels and the shape does not leave any edges sticking out the side of the shoe. I had tried some thick pedals and could not stand the feeling of being high above the axle. Not that weight was a concern but they were 100 grams lighter then my wah wahs. The grip on the pedal is unbelievable, I run 5 10 shoes and it almost feels like clipless pedals for the amount of grip. Some people are not into super tacky pedals and this can be dealt with by removing the middle pins which allows for some movement.”

S Leadbeater – Kamloops, BC

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