Canfield Components Crampon Ultimate Pedals

Crampon Ultimates are in!!!


Crampon Ultimates Here you go…

Introducing the new Crampon Ultimates!!!  We just received a few pairs, air shipped in…  What’s your favorite color?  I’m digging the purple!

Give Sean a call for more info!!!

4 Responses to "Crampon Ultimates are in!!!"
  1. Love the Ultimates. They book really well with my Teva Links. I switch back and forth b/t clipped in and flats and with the Ultimates, it feels the same.

    Thanks for making a great pedal!

    • John, We just received our shipment of Ultimates, The Ones and Yelli’s this morning!!! Sean is getting them all unpacked and ready to go out. Give him a shout on the company line and he’ll get you dialed in… Vin

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