Crampon Ultimates – IN STOCK NOW


We returned to the office this morning from our trip to Red Bull Rampage and were welcomed home with our first restock supply of Crampon Ultimates waiting for us!

We will start packaging/shipping to have all of your pre-orders out by tomorrow. For everyone else that has been waiting… We now have Black, Blue and Red in stock:

Canfield Components – Crampon Ultimates

5 Responses to "Crampon Ultimates – IN STOCK NOW"
  1. The pins that come with the ultimates are a little long for my liking. Any chance you have shorter pins that work? Where can I buy them?

    • Steve,

      We have 6mm pins on order and will be here shortly. Ace or Home Depot will stock 4mm (1.7) pitch threads x various lengths set screws as a quick replacement.

      Let us know if there is anything else we can do and feel free to call us direct – 801-548-2886


  2. Any chance the Ultimate Crampon pedal will be available in white, bronze, or super awesome green by spring 2013?

    Keep up the good work!

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