Frames are here!


I just got word that Jedi and One frames have landed. We will receive them on Monday the 11th and will be shipping ASAP. To everyone that pre-ordered, a BIG thanks and enjoy.

5 Responses to "Frames are here!"
  1. simply… “the one”!!!! didn’t pre-order but a buddy of mine has the jedi and it’s like riding in the clouds but I want the versality of the “the one”…can’t wait to build it up!!!!

  2. I’m excited! I’m gonna have to figure out stuff to sell by June!
    Will I be the first to race one in a 100 miler? Doing the Shenandoah 100, and then hopefully the Zuni Mountain 100 on a Nimble 9.


  3. i have a giant revel 1 2011 and i take it on down hill trails, after i brake that bike i will be building your jedi bike because i can only settle with the best.

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