Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy

Ever since the Bros. laid their eyes on 29” wheels, they knew there was a different way to go about it. The idea of the big wheel is great, fast rolling, stays out of holes in the trail, more contact patch in the ground….All good things! After a few rides aboard 29” wheeled bikes however, we were left scratching our heads! They TURNED like road bikes with knobby tires. Fast? Yes, Fun? Absolutely NOT. We knew what had to be done. We completely shook up the 29er world with our revolutionary geo! The combination of short chainstays, slack head tube angles , and wide tire clearance, all while staying front derail compatible was extremely successful! The Yelli has been a overnight success ever since. The Yelli is the original aggressive all mountain 29er hardtail capable of anything! Unlike most 29ers, this frame actually likes to be jumped and rewards its rider for taking chances! The Yelli is the do all, all day, 29er ride!

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  • 6061 aluminum
  • 68º head angle with a 120mm fork
  • 16.7″ chainstays
  • Low toptube for minimum stand over height
  • 135×10 QR dropouts
  • Direct mount front derailleur
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple anodized colors available

Metric Small Medium Large X-Large
Top Tube Length (Effective) A 584.2mm 603.25mm 622mm 641mm
Top Tube Length (Actual) B 549mm 564mm 581mm 602mm
Reach C 393mm 411mm 432mm 451mm
Standover Height D 705mm 761mm 792mm 803mm
Seat Tube Length E 394mm 418mm 457mm 507mm
Wheel Base F 1065mm 1084mm 1103mm 1122mm
Head Tube Angle 100mm Fork G 69° 69° 69° 69°
Head Tube Angle 120mm Fork H 68° 68° 68° 68°
Seat Tube Angle (Effective) I 73° 73° 73° 73°
Seat Tube Angle (Actual) J 70.4° 70.4° 70.4° 70.4°
Chainstay Length K 424mm 424mm 424mm 424mm
Bottom Bracket Drop L 62mm 62mm 62mm 62mm
Head Tube length M 110mm 110mmm 110mm 110mm
*Geo based on 500.8mm axle to crown fork (Fox F29 100mm) unless otherwise noted
Standard Small Medium Large X-Large
Top Tube Length (Effective) A 23 23.75 24.5 25.3
Top Tube Length (Actual) B 21.61 22.22 22.86 23.7
Reach C 15.48 16.18 17.02 17.77
Standover Height D 27.75 30 31.8 32.4
Seat Tube Length E 15.5 16.5 18 20
Wheel Base F 41.93 42.86 43.3 44.18
Head Tube Angle 100mm Fork G 69° 69° 69° 69°
Head Tube Angle 120mm Fork H 68° 68° 68° 68°
Seat Tube Angle (Effective) I 73° 73° 73° 73°
Seat Tube Angle (Actual) J 70.4° 70.4° 70.4° 70.4°
Chainstay Length K 16.7 16.7 16.7 16.7
Bottom Bracket Drop L 2.44 2.44 2.44 2.44
Head Tube length M 4.33 4.33 4.33 4.33
*Geo based on 500.8mm axle to crown fork (Fox F29 100mm) unless otherwise noted


Build Specs

  • Recommend fork lengths – 100mm – 140mm
  • Headset – Tapered 44mm upper/49.6mm lower
  • Front derailleur – Shimano direct mount – top pull/single bolt, or Sram HO series
  • Bottom bracket – 73mm
  • Seatpost – 30.9mm
  • Seatpost clamp – 35mm
  • Rear Dropout Spacing – 135mm
  • IS brake mount

Headset Guide


External Stack Lower, this will slightly slacken your headangle and raise your BB:
EC49/30 (Straight steerer)
EC49/40 (Tapered steerer)

Zero Stack Lower:
ZS49/30 (Straight steerer)

Cable Bundles

When designing the cable layout, it was very important to not exclude anyone with any build set up. We have some customers who build their bike as single speed, we also have riders who take advantage of every cable actuated bolt-on component available. We knew that with our diverse customer base, we needed a solution that would work for EVERYONE.

Enter the Cable Bundles… Whether you are running 1 cable or 4, 1 set of cable bundles is all you need to keep your lines tight fitting and clean.
Canfield Brothers Yelli Screamy Cable Bundle

“I’ve owned my Yelli Screamy for two years.  It’s the longest I’ve owned any bike.  I was 29er curious for awhile but was scared off by stories of 29ers being big & clumsy.  I was attracted to the Yelli for it’s short chainstays & slack angles. I bought my frame in Jan 2011 as a used demo frame from Canfield Bros so it’s probably one of the first ones off the boat The thing I love about the Yelli is its versatility.  I’ve used it as a burly AM bike with a 140mm fork, Stans Flow wheels and 2.4 tires. I’ve used it as an XC racer with the fork dropped to 120mm and lighter wheels & Racing Ralphs.  I’ve run my 650B wheels on it.  Every build felt like the bike was designed for that set-up. No compromises or problems.    The bike feels well balanced and playful. None of the typical draw backs of 29ers. It climbs, descends and corners confidently and likes to be ridden hard.  The frame is stiff & burly and shows no signs of breaking down after 2 years as my main bike.   I would highly recommend the Yelli Screamy”

Jeff Watson – Beaver Falls, PA USA

“I built up my new xl Yelli Screamy last week and hit the trails this weekend.  At 6’2″ with a 36″ inseam and longs arms, the 60mm stem 140mm fork and wide bars make the Yelli fit like a glove.  I have ridden steel for several years and was a bit hesitant to go with aluminum.  The bike is stiff and responsive under my 210lbs but not harsh at all on the rough stuff here in WV.  The most surprising aspect of this bike is how nimble it feels in the twisty stuff despite the tall fork.  Standing and carving corners is completely intuitive, even inviting.  The xl frame is as agile as any large and at no time am I reminded that I’m riding your largest offering.  I’m taking tougher lines downhill at more speed than I ever have in fifteen years of riding and I’m not getting any younger or better skilled. I constantly find myself wheelie hopping off trail obstacles I used to nervously roll over and comfortably cleaning switchbacks that gave me pause on previous rides(even smaller frames). I’ve ridden many bikes over the years and this one is by far the most revelatory step forward I’ve experience a new bike. I can’t wait to hit the lift serviced stuff this summer.

This past fall I didn’t yet know of any Canfield bikes in my area and now there are three of us on Yellis at my local park.  Orange, Green and Purple. ”

Jon McClure – Charleston, WV USA

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