Friends that make videos = FUN!!


Thanks Vinny Q,

An Afternoon At Highland from Skyline Media on Vimeo.

2 Responses to "Friends that make videos = FUN!!"
  1. Thanks for the props!!! A buddy of mine, Henry Miles did the film for us. Dude has some real talent. We have a pretty cool project in the works for next year… stay tuned!!!

    Crossup… Super stoked that you are enjoying that frame!!!

  2. Nice video guy, thought you might like to know the Pitch I got from you made it to Whistler this July along with the wife’s new ONE. After renting a Norco A-line I can say the Pitch is one hell of a bike for a cheapo AM ride, excepting bigger hits it work better than the Norco. Of course now I want the new ONE…:)

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