Hammerschmidt Update


Howdy interweb, it is Andrew the intern with an update. The Hammerschmidt Jedi has undergone some transformation as it is now a 2-speed Jedi. The rear cassette has now been removed. I have attached some pictures of the backer plate modifications as well as a few pictures of the over all set up. Hope you enjoy them. So far, pedaling this bike around has felt really good and the ability for instantaneous shifting from an out of the gate gear to top speed gear continually puts a smile on our faces. This weekend, we will be testing how well only having two gears works on the trail, so look for a third post soon. Cheers


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  1. I really like the Jedi, but what exactly did you have to change on the backing plate and how did you get the two extra rollers? Did you mount the unit with the 05 ISG tabs and attach the rollers to the 03 ISG tabs?


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