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November – December Decline issue – Canfield Jedi Review
Canfield designed the Jedi frame to offer its riders
a fast and confident downhill machine that boasts
desirable key features.
Formula 1 Suspension With up to 8.5 inches
of travel (215mm) the Formula 1 system is a
unique design that Lance and Chris have been
working on for a decade. With a virtual pivot
that moves high to low and with a rearward
wheel path that moves 2.5 inches back before
curving up, the ride is quite unique. Pedal forces
are also minimized through this design for great
pedaling efficiency.
Frame Features Welded from 7005 aluminum,
the Jedi sports an 83mm bottom bracket shell,
three different shock mounting options for 8.1,
8.3, or 8.5 inches of travel along with ISCG05
chain guide mounts. The pivots rotate on 20mm
bearings, while a 1.5-inch headtube makes
running a Cane Creek Angleset a breeze.

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