Nimble 9 Pre-order list!!!!


We are now taking Pre-Orders on the Nimble 9 frame-

To get on the list- just email me your size and color choice to

We don’t have colors finalized- so let me know your top 2 or 3.

Looking like March-ish for frames-


4 Responses to "Nimble 9 Pre-order list!!!!"
  1. I’ll take a small green Nimble & small black Yelli Screamy.

    Timeline for Nimble 9, Yelli Screamy, and Nimble SS?

    Also, aside from the obvious, what’s the differences between the Nimble 9 and the SS only Nimble?

  2. Hi
    I am from Israel,
    My friend and me like to order two black medium frames (and two T-shirts).
    Let us know what the cost gonna be and when to send the deposit

  3. The Nimble looks sweet. How about some real color? I’m sick to death of dreary black, grey, etc. Blue? Green? Hell, plaid?

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