Nimble 9 Rotor Clearance



We have noticed a clearance issue when installing or removing the rear wheel on the New Nimble 9. Depending on the brake and rotor combination being used, the rotor may contact the caliper when installing or removing the rear wheel, preventing the wheel to move in and out of the dropout properly. With MOST brake/rotor combinations, the brake mounting hardware will need to be loosened for rear wheel installation and removal.

As we completely understand this is not an ideal scenario, we are producing new dropouts for the Nimble 9 that will correct this issue. The new dropouts will mount the brake, via a post mount, above the seat stay for added clearance and will allow the use of a brakes and rotors 160mm and up. Production time is typically about a month, so we should have them in stock and shipping in about 5-6 weeks. In the meantime, please loosen your rear brake mounting hardware to install or remove your rear wheel.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on this solution.

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  1. Just curious, you mentioned that the chainstay mounted drop outs would still be available for customers running Avid brakes. Were Avids not experiencing this issue at all, or just Avid rotors <160mm? I'm just curious because I have Avids and if I were to purchase the N9, I would love to still have the chainstay mounted brakes. It just looks more graceful. Thanks!

  2. will the new n9 dropouts be sold seperately if i was to purchase a new frame after they hit the warehouse or will they be installed on the new frames.

    • We will ship the new dropouts installed on the frames. We will also include the original chainstay mounts as well for customers running Avid brakes.

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