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Canfield Components Crampon Ultimate Pedals

Here you go… Introducing the new Crampon Ultimates!!!  We just received a few pairs, air shipped in…  What’s your favorite color?  I’m digging the purple! Give Sean a call for more info…(Read More)

2012 Canfield Brothers One teaser pic

We just received our first couple of air shipped One frames and we’ll be releasing the official pics shorty, but we wanted to post up this teaser… For 2012, we stiffened the frame, tweaked the geo and dropped .25 lbs compared to the 2011’s. Sean’s medium frame came in at 8lbs flat…(Read More)

It’s unfortunate and thankfully rare when we have bad news from the Canfield Brothers but this is one of those times. Chris was riding yesterday when he went down hard and broke his back at the c5-c6 disc. Long story short, he is going into surgery this afternoon around 4 and will be…(Read More)

I couldn’t take it, the little snow we have is melting and there’s nothing to ride in Jackson. Michelle had booked a clinic with Gene at Better Ride so  I tagged along getting three days of nice weather and sick riding. Chris has been working to get me this frame and a week…(Read More)