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I thought I would share this one- “Canfield Jedi F1…. I have to write this to let everyone know how awesome these bikes are. I had been riding mountain bikes for about 6 months and really loved the downhill/freeride aspect most so decided to buy a big travel single pivot bike and enjoyed that…(Read More)

Nimble 9 Pre-order list!!!!


We are now taking Pre-Orders on the Nimble 9 frame- To get on the list- just email me your size and color choice to We don’t have colors finalized- so let me know your top 2 or 3. Looking like March-ish for frames- cheers…(Read More)

Mitch Ropelato’s Quiver


  Competition requires the best in equipment. For Mitch Ropelato, that means having a quiver of bikes capable of tackling every condition. The following is the Canfield bikes Mitch has been running in this year’s races. In the arsenal, Can-Diggle, Jedi, and new custom 4x Ropelato frame. Just some eye candy for you all…(Read More)

Hammer ON!


Hey web world, this is the intern Andrew letting you know that we have successfully mounted and raced a Hammerschmidt Crankset  on Chris’s Formula One Jedi. Slight modification to the backing plate was all the was required to mount it properly. Chris raced the set up the following day at the Bountiful Downhill Race…(Read More)