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Long time friend and customer of the Canfield Brothers, Scott Neison won Cat 1 30-39 category Wyoming State Championship! Scott refrained from his normal conservative riding and let it all hang out to win the championship of his home state. He laid down a time 35 seconds off the top Pro men’s time…(Read More)

Two weeks of racin’


For the past two weekends, Chris Canfield has been travelin’ the wild west to race at White Pine and Pomerelle. At White Pine, Saturday’s race was for the Wyoming State Championship where Chris took first! Sunday’s race was part of the Utah Downhill Series and despite pinnin’ to win Chris was bested only…(Read More)

Congrats to Mitch Ropelato for being the 2009 Junior X Downhill and 2009 Pro Men’s 4x National Champion! Mitch came through his downhill run with heat and flowed through the jumps and tree sections. Mitch beat a couple of juniors who are currently on the world cup circuit. Way to show them how its…(Read More)