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Canfield Components Crampon Ultimate Pedals

Here you go… Introducing the new Crampon Ultimates!!!  We just received a few pairs, air shipped in…  What’s your favorite color?  I’m digging the purple! Give Sean a call for more info…(Read More)

Pedals are in!


The new Crampons are in- Black in available now- Colors: blue, gold, and grey- in a couple of weeks…(Read More)

Pedals on the webstore!


Pedals are now available on the webstore. Canfield Brothers will be traveling to Eurobike and be back in the office on September 8th. Any orders placed between now and then will ship on or around the 8th. Sorry to make the wait that much longer. Keep the rubber side down…(Read More)

Pedals are in…


Crampon pedal shipments are coming in so if you would like a pair feel free to give us a call at 801-548-2556 or an email at and we will get in touch with you. More details of the Crampon are available here…(Read More)

The moment we have been  anxiously awaiting all summer is finally here as the first production run of Crampon pedals will be arriving in roughly ten days! The first batch will only contain 50 sets so get your pre-order in now. The rest of the production run will arrive two weeks after. If you…(Read More)