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I thought I would share this one- “Canfield Jedi F1…. I have to write this to let everyone know how awesome these bikes are. I had been riding mountain bikes for about 6 months and really loved the downhill/freeride aspect most so decided to buy a big travel single pivot bike and enjoyed that…(Read More)

Congrats to Mitch Ropelato for being the 2009 Junior X Downhill and 2009 Pro Men’s 4x National Champion! Mitch came through his downhill run with heat and flowed through the jumps and tree sections. Mitch beat a couple of juniors who are currently on the world cup circuit. Way to show them how its…(Read More)

BC- here I come!


Hey everyone up North of the Boarder. I’m heading on a rode trip through a bit of BC. I’ll be hitting up Silver Star on Sat, Sun Peaks on Sun, and Whistler on Monday thru Thursday. Then Nelson for the weekend. Give me a call if you want to go for a ride…(Read More)



Hi, everyone- Welcome to our Blog of “What the hell is going on in Canfield land.”  We are super excited to have a new website. It’s about time. Long overdue. But here we are. So, keep checking back. I will be posting something new everyday for your viewing pleasure. New pics of bikes, customer…(Read More)