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I never thought I’d do this. My tires have been making the rhythmic sound of rubber peeling from asphalt for the last three hours. You could call it rolling, but I’m almost convinced the compound has adhesive properties. And there’s not just two wheels under me, but a third. In tow is…(Read More)

The Nimble 9 was featured in the latest issue of Dirt Rag! Click on the image below to download a pdf of the review. *Click on the image above to download a pdf of the review (1.3mb…(Read More)

Blister Gear Review – 29ers


Blister gear review weighs in on the 29er debate and uses the Yelli Screamy and Nimble 9 from the Canfield Brothers as an example of how the industry is starting to push 29er geometry. [Read Here…(Read More)

Nimble 9 Colors


A lot of people have been asking about the colors for the Nimble 9. They’re telling us, “Look, Gloss Black I get, but what the heck is Electric Lime and Blizzard Blue?” So, because Canfield Brothers strives to never disappoint, here you go…(Read More)