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We are live for the mountain bike sponsorship, so get your apps it! It is our intentions to make this more than just your average sponsorhouse sponsorship. We want to be involved in your progress as a rider! Good luck to everyone who applies. We will be getting back to you as fast as we…(Read More)

Canfield Brothers is announcing the launch of a grassroots sponsorship program! We are looking for athletes and teams who feel they can represent Canfield Brothers Bikes in a positive way at races, events and within their communities. We are launching our sponsorship application process through the Loop’d network, check us out at http://www…(Read More)

Hammerschmidt Update


Howdy interweb, it is Andrew the intern with an update. The Hammerschmidt Jedi has undergone some transformation as it is now a 2-speed Jedi. The rear cassette has now been removed. I have attached some pictures of the backer plate modifications as well as a few pictures of the over all set up. Hope…(Read More)

Hammer ON!


Hey web world, this is the intern Andrew letting you know that we have successfully mounted and raced a Hammerschmidt Crankset  on Chris’s Formula One Jedi. Slight modification to the backing plate was all the was required to mount it properly. Chris raced the set up the following day at the Bountiful Downhill Race…(Read More)