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Canfield Components Crampon Ultimate Pedals

Here you go… Introducing the new Crampon Ultimates!!!  We just received a few pairs, air shipped in…  What’s your favorite color?  I’m digging the purple! Give Sean a call for more info…(Read More)

The Nimble 9 was featured in the latest issue of Dirt Rag! Click on the image below to download a pdf of the review. *Click on the image above to download a pdf of the review (1.3mb…(Read More)

Blister Gear Review – 29ers


Blister gear review weighs in on the 29er debate and uses the Yelli Screamy and Nimble 9 from the Canfield Brothers as an example of how the industry is starting to push 29er geometry. [Read Here…(Read More)

The guys over at 29er Online just got there Yelli Screamy and have a lot of good info to share. Check it out.…(Read More)

A nice bit of information on the F1 Jedi from our friends at…(Read More)