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Canfield Brothers is proud to announce the winner of the Formula 1 Jedi video contest. Picking the winner was not easy since each of the submissions did a great job showcasing the Jedi’s superior suspension design. After much deliberation here in Canfield land we have decided that… The winner of the contest is Spencer…(Read More)

Two Weeks Notice!


Hey everyone, just a reminder that the Jedi Video Contest will be over in two weeks. We are hoping that this additional month will the multiple people who requested an extension the chance to submit their videos. We would also like those who submitted their videos to make sure they are tagged appropriately with tags…(Read More)

Jedi Video Contest


We are now at the end of the Video Contest but have had many emails asking to extend the Contest a month so that people may have more time to get their submissions in. So we are extending the Deadline to July 1st. Make sure to send us an email with a link to your…(Read More)