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It’s unfortunate and thankfully rare when we have bad news from the Canfield Brothers but this is one of those times. Chris was riding yesterday when he went down hard and broke his back at the c5-c6 disc. Long story short, he is going into surgery this afternoon around 4 and will be out for quite some time. What does this mean for Canfield Brothers Bikes? Best case scenario, not to much, but it will require the help of our friends to pull through this one. Chris’s medical bills will be substantial and insurance is only covering a small part of the total amount. We’ve given you the ability to donate through paypal. We’d really appreciate your help getting Chris back on his feet and feel free to send your best to Chris via email or comment. He’d love to hear from you.



Update Sun. 6/26:
Thank you everyone for your concern. We will put out an update on Chris’s post-op status as soon as we hear anything, hopefully this afternoon.

Update Mon. 6/27:
Friday afternoon – due to some unexpected complications associated with a pseudo anurysm, Chris was transferred via helicopter to University Hospital in Salt Lake, where he could be monitored and cared for by the vascular specialists and trauma team. It was great to be able to get him to SLC where they handle spinal injuries and decided consider getting back surgery in New Jersey. Tossing cookies on the heli was the highlight of his flight.

Saturday – Chris is all settled into the hospital, and the complications have somehow disappeared. He is scheduled for surgery this morning and moved to a “regular” room. Overnight, the docs had decided it is ok to begin cervical traction to allow the dislocated disk that was creating numbness in Chris’ left arm to return to it’s proper location. Success with the traction, Chris is finally a bit more comfortable. Chris’ surgery is postponed due to another more critical patient getting his surgeon’s slot today. Chris has a few visitors and finally catches up on sleep.

Sunday – Surgery finally! A few hours after surgery, Chris walked – yes – WALKED into the waiting room where Lance & Michelle and sisters Paige and April are hanging. Chris does look like a guy who just had surgery – but more importantly, he was walking! and gives everyone a thumb’s up!

As of Sunday afternoon, there’s a good chance Chris will be released Monday and begin his summer-long recovery.

Monday morning ~ Lance received a call that Chris has been released and is being taken to his mom’s house in Layton. GREAT NEWS!!!

Give us another day or two and we’ll get you another update on his (and Lance’s) progress…

Additional note: Thanks to everyone as well for keeping Lance in their thoughts too. It has been a tough few days for him. First, to have just had surgery on a broken leg and dislocated foot, (which includes a plate along his fibula that was attached by several screws). Then the very next day to hear your brother has had an accident and a broken neck. Next day was a full day at the hospital with Lance fielding over 100 calls from concerned friends. A long van ride to SLC the same day and back to the hospital to be with Chris. We’re getting Lance back to Jackson soon to start his recovery and encourage a few days of much needed rest.

The Canfield Brothers would also like to thank everyone that has been so gracious with their support and donations. It’s times like these that we realize we are part of a truly amazing community. Thank you all.

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  1. As a c-spine breaker (3&4 for me) with cord damage, i am stoked to see the seemingly good news here, though i’m way late to hear about it. walking is awesome! hope the healing is going great.

    • Chris got lucky for sure. I think every month is a little better for him. I know when you do that kind of damage, “things” don’t always go back the way they were designed to…..Hope you recovery when well. If your gonna where a full face…..get on your leatt brace !

  2. Just did a loop here in SC on my One. Figured I’d check the site and, WOW, you guys are busted up. Get well soon. A quick RN tip……Stool softeners fellas. Tbone

  3. Hey Chris and Lance, Hope you are having a good recovery and everything is going well. My thoughts are with you both.

  4. Hey Lance and Chris – It’s been a long time since hanging out in Grand Junction with you guys and JT. Logged on today to show some co-workers at TrainingPeaks your bikes and was sad to learn about your injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. Hope you guys are getting better and have a speedy recovery. Take care 🙂

    • Wait a second, you guys know Jared and Mike? I may have to rethink this whole support thing. Small world I guess

  5. I Just called the shop today and found out,about both of your accidents,Best Wishes and hopes for a quick(speedy) and smooth recovery like you both normally Ride!

    Your Friend,
    Land on his Head Lowell!

  6. Hey Chris, get well soon brother, awesome that you are walking;) healing vibes for a speedy recovery

  7. Sorry to hear about your crash/injury
    Take care of yourself and dream up some new improvements for the Cannfield line of FAST BIKES!!
    I crashed my Y/S about 3 weeks ago and dislocated my rib from my spine…Like I said its got to be those fast ass bikes you all build!
    I wouldnt trade my YS for nothing…keep building and riding them even faster!

  8. Sorry to hear this bad news… was with Gene Hamilton the weekend it happened and heard about the bad news of Chris’ crash – only a bit after hearing lance’s bad crash at bootleg… this is horrible! I wish the best for both Chris and Lance, and full recovery for both you guys!

  9. Chris, I don’t know you from the man on the moon, but we’re all part of the same two wheeled family. God bless and speedy recovery.

  10. Hey Cuz…

    Tried to come visit you in the hospital, but you had already gone into surgery. Good to know all went well. Much love and wishes for a speedy recovery for you and Lance. Donation made, let me know if I can do anything else for you. Ruthie and Joy send their love and well wishes, too.

    Cousin Carrie

  11. Chris and Lance,
    STAY POSITIVE! The mind is the most powerful healer, and BELIEVE that you will recover 100%. You guys flat out build the best bikes on the planet and the planet needs you to keep building them! Chris… glad we got to ride together a couple weeks ago… had a blast and look forward to doing it again. ttys
    Best wishes

  12. Glad to see Chris is walking and on the way to recovery. You guys stay healthy and see you at the next bike event!

  13. Chris and Lance, I hope that everything in your recovery process proceeds smoothly and you find yourselfs back to normal.. nl

  14. Hey brothers, I have heard of the one being down because the other one is but you guys take to the extreme. I hope BOTH of you mend soon. Chris take brother and God bless. Lance guess I wont be seeing you at Beaver dam in a week. Well next time. You guys get well and as I said God bless and speed your recovery

  15. Hi Chris! Very sad to hear about your crash and injury. Nearly worst-case scenario. I’m happy to read, that you where able to walk again. Get well soon, so that we can perhaps have another ride togehter in Winterberg. Or elsewhere 😉 Donation done.

  16. I’m not a customer; merely kickin in to lend a hand for someone in need. Best wishes to Chris on a speedy recovery. Positive waves coming your way too.

  17. Hey Chris and Lance,

    We saw the picture of both of you on facebook, the orthopedic field loves downhill riders. Graham and Ethan have had over 10 trips to the orthopedic specialist for broken bones and strains.

    We hope you both have a speedy recovery with your injuries and we would like to know when we can come visit; and we are willing to help you with things if you let us know.

    I, Kevin, just got out of a rehab center and they were willing to write a prescription for 2 beers a day while I was there. I didn’t need it since my friend pirated some in.

    We are thinking of you,
    Reynolds Family

  18. Chris we have been praying for you! And Lance! I hope both of you have a recovery with as little pain as possible! We were really scared, but are sooo happy that your surgery (and Lance’s) were successful! BIG HUGS!!!!

  19. Heal up Chris! I know you love to ride that bike. I hope everything works out with the surgery. I know we haven’t spoken in a long time but I it’ll be in my prayers that everything works out for you.

  20. So sorry to hear about this guys! Hope the surgery went well for Chris. Just send some funds, hope even a little bit helps. -J

  21. So sorry to hear you got hurt. Heal up well and fast. If I had a job I’d donate. Heal up, I’m sending healing vibes from the pacific northwest.

    All the best to you.

    Tracer Tong

  22. Chris, Joseph & I know you’re strong & you’re going to heal from this. We love you and we will definitely donate $$ to support you and your recovery.xoxo

  23. Hey Chris,

    Good luck and heal up quick. Get back on that bike asap.

    Let me know if there is anything i can do for you guys.


  24. Christopher Davis Canfield, I hope our donation will help with your terrible medical bills. I will be praying for you EVERY day, multiple times through out the day. You are an amazing friend and everyone loves you, I am sure the support will be amazing, as you deserve. Sorry Lance to hear about your injuries also, seems like Chris always has to one up his big brother some how huh? Both of you HEAL! HEAL! HEAL! I will be in SLC July 21st-25th and I would love to be able to see you, with a smile on your beautiful face.
    LOVE YOU TOO MUCH, Marin Fey

  25. Christopher Davis Canfield, I hope my donation can help in the recovery from the medical bills, and I will continue to pray for you EVERY day, multiple times throughout the day. I hope everyone who loves you will also donate to an amazing friend who does so much for so many of us. LOVE YOU TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to hear your voice. LOVE Marin and Nathan

  26. Really sorry to hear about your injuries.
    Chris, stay strong, keep your focus on recovery.
    Lance, heal up quickly.
    And guys, this is taking sibling rivalries a bit too far, cut it out.

  27. Knowing that injuries sometimes are inevitable for the bad ass riders like you, but still feel shocked when hearing about this. I believe you two are just like the cats with nine lives and sure will go thru these safe and sound with your speedy recovery. Heal up you two! those injuries are no problems at all to Canfield Bros!! Hope to see you guys riding wild soon; and behind bad luck sure comes good luck!!

  28. Uncle Cho! We love you. Next time build a bike with a roll cage. Bubble wrap or air bags. Those are our suggestions. Feel better. Love, Riley, Nate, and little LANCE

  29. I heard both of you guys are injured, with Chris being the more serious at this time. You guys are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met, not just in this industry, but in general. I hope all the people you guys have helped out will now return the same in this time of need. Hope what little I can donate will help out. Take care you guys and thoughts and prayers from side of town for your speedy and complete recovery!

  30. Chris, Wishing you a speedy recovery. Thank you for your help with the frame order last week. Good vibes and prayers are with you.

  31. So sorry to hear such incredibly bad news! Especially about two of my favorite people in the biking industry – our prayers and thoughts go out to Chris and Lance for comfort in a speedy recovery process. Heal up, you guys!

  32. Know that i am with you and your family Chris, you are one tough kid and nothing can hold you down nothing!I broke my neck 6 years ago so I understand one day at a time..Much love and respect Lou..I will get something out to you stay strong…

  33. Hey Chris heal up quick, Lance you too. Sending the healing vibes via the air waves, and cash will be sent via paypal. We’ll be thinking of you, keep us updated please.

  34. Chris! Sadie and I are praying and thinking about you! Keep your head up! You will get through this and be back on the trail before you know it. We love you bro!!


  35. Heal up quick Chris (and you too Lance!). Any place to send donations for those of us without PayPal accounts?

  36. Chris, I do not know you but know of you through my wonderful Son in Law, Vin Quenneville. Donation has been sent and my thoughts and prayers go out to you for a speedy and healthy recovery!

    Lori Walrath

  37. Get well Lance, family will be praying for you Chris!! Both of you within a week WTF?? We’ll keep it pinned for ya until your back!!!!!!

  38. I just heard the bad news. Hope you heal up fast Chris. I never got the chance to meet you but we have talked on the phone often while getting my new bike from you. Keep us all updated on how you are doing.

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